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3 Keys to Successfully Transition Commercial Office Spaces

October 26, 2022

October 4, 2022

As companies decide on remote or hybrid workforces, building owners are considering their next moves in the changing environment.


In a recent article published by FacilitiesNet, Lisa Tamayo identifies three important development fundamentals  for owners and facility managers to address when preparing office space for the new normal.

In the post-pandemic work climate, office space is in flux.

As employers decide on whether their company will be transitioning to fully remote, hybrid, or fully on-site, they are factoring in new workforce expectations after more than two years of remote work in some form.

For building owners, being cognizant of meeting the market and adapting to the changing needs of today’s facilities is paramount. They must also understand how tenants and their employees relate to their new work environment and implement concepts to provide scalable office space, which are key in building long-term relationships. But with hybrid work emerging as the new norm, what are tenants and their employees looking for in the new era of office space?

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